Content Marketing is King

Content Marketing & SEO

Search engines have become the essential tool in almost everything we do, online and off.   Whatever, wherever, whenever “it”  is, can be found by the use of online search.  We research everything and “it”  can all be found online.

With that comes a level of responsibility.  Google, Bing and a host of smaller engines are constantly refining their algorithms to serve the highest quality information to their readers.

It is up to us as website owners to make sure our content is useful, current and constructed so that the reader can find us.

Some things to consider:

Your Reader / Customer

You have to identify who your reader is, what they are searching for and whether your content satisfies their needs.  If your content isn’t compelling or useful your customer won’t find you.

The Search Engines

Although you don’t want to write content specifically for search engines your content needs to be structured and delivered in a way to allow search engines to determine if your content is truly useful, satisfying the readers need.

The Content

It isn’t about volume rather quality of content and structure.  Does a single sentence best describe “it” to your reader? Or does it require multiple pages? What are your competitors producing? Can your info be more compelling or helpful?

We develop content marketing strategies for our clients based on predetermined goals, researched for quality and structured so search engines easily find and serve “it” to their users.