Online advertising is blowing up with Google, Bing and YaHoo! dominating the landscape.

PPC (pay-per-click), PPM (pay-per-impression), Display and Banner Advertising make up the bulk of the revenue generated online.

In other words – It works!

Properly managed campaigns can drive serious traffic.

 Our managed services (over-simplified) 

  • Review & Discuss Your Business
  • Establish Goals
  • Set Budgets
  • Select Platforms
  • Research and set benchmarks
  • Target keywords and long tail opportunities
  • Write / Design / Test Ads
  • Implement, Monitor & Refine Ads
  • Report Monthly

If you’re not ready to contract someone to manage your advertising effort, that’s OK too.

Google has put together a quick,  60 second video  for “Newbies”.

Give us a call if you’d like us to help you get started.